If you have used an Engine DJ profile to log in to your TIDAL streaming service on Engine DJ hardware, you will have been prompted to update your TIDAL subscription tier. Once you have done this, you may encounter the dialog below:

Follow the steps below if you are seeing the above dialog:

Disconnect TIDAL from your Engine DJ Profile connected services using a web browser.

In a web browser, navigate to https://enginedj.com/account/connected-services and log in to your Engine DJ Profile.

On your connected services page, click the Disconnect button to the right of the TIDAL service. This will log you out of TIDAL on all Engine DJ hardware.

Once you’ve done this, you should see a Connect button - click this to re-connect your TIDAL service to your Engine DJ Profile (you may be prompted to log in to TIDAL).

On your Engine DJ Hardware, select TIDAL from the source menu. This will now re-authenticate your TIDAL login for the TIDAL plus DJ extension subscription tier.

If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket