The best way to voice your opinion for feature requests is to visit the Engine DJ Community and start a new thread under the Feature Requests section.* 



*If you have not already created an inMusic profile, please visit the following link to create an account: 

Create an account at 


Feature requests are collected and viewed by the product managers and members of the Engine development team. In this manner, we can guarantee that user feature requests are seen by a maximum number of individuals and maintain an internal record for future development. Engine DJ has recently added several new features based exclusively on user feedback, with many more to follow as we release future updates. 


You may even find a thread has already been started for the feature you are requesting. The higher the number of users expressing interest in a specific feature request, the more probable it is that the request will one day be implemented. This is where voting comes into play.




If you find a feature request you would like to vote for, click on the blue VOTE button under the count total for the request. (Each Engine Community user is granted 10 vote tokens. Once a feature gets implemented into an Engine release, the vote token is granted back to the user for a different feature request.)


Click here for more info on sharing your feature request and voting.