The release of Engine 3.0 brings two very exciting and highly requested features, a built-in drop Sampler, the first of its kind for standalone DJ systems, and the ability to access your complete Engine DJ computer collection from Engine DJ hardware wirelessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the new Sampler pad mode?

To access Sampler pad mode, press and hold Shift and then press the Roll pad mode button. 

How can I load samples to the pads?

To load a sample to the pad, open the library view and swipe the desired sample to the right. For all-in-one devices (Prime 2/4/Go, SC Live 2/4, Mixstream), you will have 8 pads shown on screen, tapping the desired on-screen pad or physical pad on a deck while in Sampler mode will load the sample to the pad. 

On the Media Players (SC5000/SC6000), the workflow is slightly different. From the library, perform a partial swipe (until you see the Green LOAD button), then tap the word "Load", you will then have 8 pads shown on the screen. Tapping the on-screen pad or physical pad will load the sample. The workflow is different to avoid interrupting the established Media Player track load workflow. 

How can I adjust the volume of the Drop Sampler?

To adjust the volume of the Drop Sampler, swipe down from the top of the screen to see the new Sampler Volume slider in the Control Center. Adjusting this level adjusts the overall level of the Sampler Output. 

What output is used for the Drop Sampler?

On most Engine DJ devices, the Drop Sampler is routed to the Main Outputs and the volume is controlled via the Sampler Volume slider in the Control Center. For the Prime 4, the Drop Sampler is routed to Channel 4 and can be controlled via the Channel 4 channel strip.

Do I need an Ethernet cable to connect to Engine Remote Library?

Engine Remote Library can be accessed from Engine DJ hardware over Wi-Fi or wired networks. An Ethernet cable is not required but can be used if preferred. 

Are library and track updates automatically kept in sync while connected to Engine Remote Library?

Yes. Once connected to Engine Remote Library, all library updates such as new playlists, and performance data changes such as Hot Cues, Loops, and Beat Grid edits are automatically updated in real-time on both the hardware and computer collections