If you would like to move your Engine library from one computer to another, you will need to source an external drive with a volume large enough to fit your entire Engine DJ library.

For our example, computer A is the source(old computer) and computer B is the destination(new computer). 

  • Connect your external drive to computer A. *drive must be formatted ExFAT or FAT32. 

  • Open Engine DJ on computer A and use Sync Manager to export ALL of your Playlists to your external drive.

  • Once the export process is complete, close Engine DJ on computer A and safely eject your external drive. 

  • Connect your external drive to computer B and copy ALL of the folders to a location of your choice on computer B. *Most users choose the Music folder.

  • Once the transfer is complete, open Engine DJ on computer B and use the folder icon to the left of the screen to navigate to the new location of your library and add the Playlists to your Engine collection. 

  • Once Engine DJ has analyzed all of your playlists, you can use Sync Manager to re-export your library to your Prime device, since the original location of your library has now been moved.

Please contact technical support if you have any questions.