Numark Mixdeck Express image

My Mixdeck Express won't respond, and the screen is displaying BOOT NUMARK. What should I do?

Under rare circumstances, the Numark Mixdeck Express firmware may require reinstallation.

In this case, when powered on, the screen will display BOOT NUMARK, and the unit will not respond or operate normally.

Generally, reinstalling the Mixdeck Express firmware will resolve this symptom.

Download the Mixdeck Express firmware from the link below, and install it according to the included instructions.


If reinstalling the firmware doesn' t fully resolve the difficulty, please contact Numark Tech Support for further assistance.


Do not install this firmware update if you are not experiencing the exact issue listed above.

If you've found your way to this article, and need help with a Mixdeck Express question that is not covered in this guide, we don't recommend you attempt to reinstall the Mixdeck Express firmware. Instead, check out our other Mixdeck Express support articles for solutions, or contact our support team directly. We'll be glad to help!

With some products (like smart phones, game consoles etc), firmware and software updates are a normal, even fun part of the user experience. Sometimes new features or functionality is added, and it is often the first step recommended in troubleshooting a variety of symptoms or issues.

This is not the case with the Numark Mixdeck Express. Reinstalling the Mixdeck Express firmware will not add additional features or functionality, and is not a recommended troubleshooting measure for any symptom other than the one described above.

Reinstalling the firmware will not affect or resolve a mechanical problem with the product (like buttons, LCD screen, CD drives etc). For help with circumstances or questions not specifically covered in this guide, please contact Numark Tech Support for further assistance.