The Numark NS7II  is like no other DJ controller on the market. To take full advantage of this complex DJ system we strongly recommend users to read the Quick Start , and User Guide , front to back. In this article we answer the frequently asked questions that many users want to know.


Does my bundled Serato DJ software only work with the NS7II or can I use it with any other Numark controllers?

Serato DJ works with a wide variety of Numark controllers. For a full list of compatible Serato DJ controllers please visit:

What DJ software is included with the NS7II?

Serato DJ software is included for free with your NS7II purchase. To download Serato DJ please visit:

What DJ software supports the NS7II?

The NS7II is a native plug & play Serato DJ controller. The NS7II may work with other DJ programs as it is MIDI compatible, but is currently only supported by Serato DJ.

Can the motorized platters on the NS7II be disabled?

Yes. The NS7II's motorized platters can be turned off by pressing the Shift + Slip Mode.

Is there a Vegas Mode or Demo Mode built into the NS7II that causes the lights and platters to move?

Yes. To initiate the NS7II Demonstration Mode, power on while holding the right SYNC, and CUE buttons on Deck B. This also works on the NS7III.

How many effects are included with the Serato version shipping with the NS7II?

The version of Serato DJ that ships with the NS7II includes 12 iZotope effects. Two banks per channel, 3 effects per bank, 6 effects simultaneously on any channel. You can also purchase additional effect packs within the software. For more info, and full features of Serato DJ please visit:

Is the crossfader user replaceable?

Yes. The CP-Pro long life crossfader is user replaceable.

Are the platters on the NS7II belt driven or direct drive?

The platters on the NS7II are direct drive. Direct drive is the industry standard for professional grade turntables.

Are the drum pads velocity sensitive?

Yes. The 16 MPC pads are velocity sensitive.

Does the NS7II interface with an iPad or iPhone?

The NS7II has external inputs on the rear that will allow you to connect any audio device such as a phone, tablet, or drum machine etc.

Will the Vinyl records from the original NS7 fit the NS7II?

Yes. The original NS7 Vinyl and spindle accessory will fit the NS7II. In order to use original NS7 vinyls you will need to use the original spindle and holder.

What flight/travel case can I use to transport my NS7II?

The NS7II can use any case that fits the originally NS7, as well as new cases built specifically for the NS7II. There are many vendors that offer flight cases.

Does the NS7II included an attached laptop stand like the original NS7 did?

Yes! The NS7II laptop stand will be available in late 2013 (sold separately).

Is DVS supported with the NS7II?

Yes! With the release of Serato DJ 1.7.7 , both NS7II and NS7III users can now utilize Serato's DVS Expansion Pack.

When DJing with Serato DJ I can hear clicks and pops in my music. What can I do to fix this?

Some Serato DJ users on both Mac and Windows computers have experienced clicks and pops during audio playback. We have found that removing the device from MIDI Studio Window (Mac), and lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Windows & Mac) in Serato DJ improves this, and in some cases completely resolves the issue. See the steps below.

Removing a Device from MIDI Studio (Mac Only)

  1. Open a new finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  2. Double click Audio MIDI Setup.
  3. Select Window from the top menu and ensure that MIDI Studio is checked.

    User-added image

  4. With the Numark controller disconnected click the Numark USB Audio Device.
  5. Click Remove Device from the top of the MIDI Studio window.

    User-added image

  6. Reconnect you Numark Controller.

Lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Both Windows & Mac)

  1. Open Serato DJ.
  2. Click Setup from the top menu.
  3. Click Library + Display.
  4. Adjust the Display slider to 20 or 30. If you still experience clicks and pops after setting to 20 UPS try lowering the slider.

    User-added image

  5. Close the Setup.

After loading a song on my deck, the start time of the song plays back slowly as if it's set at maximum value. What can I do to fix this?

Some Serato DJ users on both Mac and Windows computers may experience slow Start Time playback with their NS7II after loading a song on their deck. If you're experiencing these symptoms then simply follow the recommended steps below:

  1. Connect and power on the NS7II
  2. Open Serato DJ
  3. On each deck, fully turn, clock and counter clock wise, the Start and Stop Time knobs prior to DJing. This will ensure that the NS7II is properly communicating with Serato DJ.
  4. As a good practice , we also recommend moving the Pitch Sliders, Crossfader and Channel Sliders up and down prior to DJing. Again, this will ensure that the NS7II is properly communicating with Serato DJ.

Why is my song during play back skipping or jumping ahead of time from where it's positioned?

It's important that prior to DJing with your newly added songs, you fully analyze the song in Serato DJ to ensure smooth and functional playback. If you have a corrupt file in your Serato DJ database, this could cause these symptoms. I recommend deleting any file with a lightning bolt next to it from your Serato database. This means deleting not only from your crate but from your ALL location in Serato DJ. Fore more information on corrupt files in Serato DJ, click here .

Also, in Serato DJ's 1.7.5 update, you now have the option to Disable Needle Search During Playback. We recommend having this option checked to prevent your symptoms. If you're going to use Serato DJ's SYNC feature, select Simple Sync or keep it off when using motorized platters.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you're holding the SHIFT button on the NS7II and you move the platter forward, you can replicate this too. Ensure that you're properly utilizing this feature correctly in Serato DJ. For more information on this feature, review your NS7II User Guide .